Products and Property


At Wedgewood Investment Group, our mission is to provide the best financial solutions to fit your needs and opportunities. We deliver comprehensive analysis and options that result in the most innovative capital solutions.

Real Estate Finance Products

We provide commercial real estate finance products for new construction, acquisitions, refinancing, bridge financing and distressed property. Our finance products include: 


  • Construction Loans – a short term real estate loan used to finance construction costs.

  • Mortgage Financing – a debt instrument to finance a piece of real estate with a 15-25 year amortization, in exchange for a lien on the property by the lender.

  • Mezzanine Debt – subordinated debt used as a method of financing with characteristics of both debt and equity financing.

  • Preferred Equity – a measurement of ownership in an entity issued as a piece of the total capital stack with a preferred return to the investor.

  • Equity – outright investment in exchange for ownership in an asset.

  • Permanent Loans - long term debt of a specific sum of money that has a maturity date of 36 months or more but likely 5 years or greater.

  • Joint Venture Relationships – a legal agreement in which various parties agree to undertake specific responsibilities to develop and own a specific project.

  • Bridge Loans - known as interim financing to "bridge the gap" and always short term during times when financing is necessary between a sale/purchase and temporary or permanent financing.

  • SBA Financing – long-term financing provided by the Small Business Administration of the United States designed to help start new businesses, acquire existing companies, refinance or enable expansion.

  • EB-5 Financing – low cost/high leverage debt or equity.

  • New Market Tax Credits​​ - governments may grant a tax credit for specific locations, classifications or industries where the actual amount of real estate taxes owed is reduced, dollar for dollar.




Types of Real Estate

We offer financing on a variety of real estate property types, which include but are not limited to:

  • Independent, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing Facilities

  • Retail

  • Medical Office Facilities

  • Office Buildings

  • Multi-Family

  • Mixed-Use

  • Hospitality

  • Industrial/Manufacturing/Distribution Facilities

  • Owner Occupied

  • Refinance or Purchase Financing of Distressed Real Estate

  • Parking Facilities

  • Self-Storage Facilities

  • Major Rehab/Value-Added Projects

  • Student Housing

  • Municipaliity